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I’m Gareth Fenley, running for election to the Georgia State Senate.
My vision is bigger than one seat. I’m campaigning to strengthen democracy.
No one can take for granted that our democracy will be here tomorrow. I’ve been involved in political campaigns and causes all my life, working to amplify the power of the vote. Now in this critical election year, I’ve stepped up to run as a candidate for the first time.
This isn’t about trying to make things like they were yesterday. I’m campaigning alongside my community, for a better future for all of us: For tomorrow.
As a professional social worker, entrepreneur, and community volunteer, I bring service, integrity, and courage to everything I do. In my vision of tomorrow, homes are safe and comfortable, schools prepare students to succeed, and jobs pay a living wage.

I’m running to make sure there’s a broad path to prosperity where everyone’s included, all throughout Georgia State Senate District 46 -- from Gwinnett County to Barrow, Walton, Oconee, and Athens-Clarke counties.

For tomorrow, elect Gareth Fenley in 2024.

Elect Gareth Fenley
PO Box 274
Good Hope, GA 30641
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