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Monday, March 11, 2024 9:36 PM

Statement on the murder of Laken Riley

I’m Gareth Fenley, the Democratic candidate for Georgia State Senate District 46.

In my district on February 22, 2024, the appalling murder of Laken Riley, a young woman preparing for a career in nursing, devastated our community. Local and state law enforcement coordinated swiftly to arrest a suspect, a Venezuelan who had illegally entered the United States. The district attorney appointed a special prosecutor to ensure justice will be done.

Among neighbors and even in nearby counties, all over District 46, intense emotions and reactions swept through. Fear and anger. Calls for vengeance. Appeals to compassion and invocations of faith. Some local citizens blasted fury at local politicians, and even rallied against each other.

As I speak to you on March 11, our community is anguished and exhausted. We need to heal, as justice takes its course.

Unfortunately, the national Republican Party seized upon this tragedy. They are exploiting Laken Riley's name to push their agenda on immigration policy. They dishonor her with their scapegoating and showboating.

I’m Gareth Fenley and I stand on this platform: For choice. For democracy. For tomorrow.

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